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About Us

Our easy-to-install kits connect to your machine to override your its exhaust after-treatment, meaning less downtime in your operations.

No time wasted

DPF and AdBlue systems can cause issues in modern machinery. Limp mode can slow down your operations. Using our kits, you can bypass these systems by transmitting acceptable readings to the engine’s EPM, removing any emission faults.

What do we override?


A Diesel Particulate Filter stores up all the waste soot from your machine’s engine. From here, it carries out the regeneration process, which changes the carbon’s form and releases it.
What do we override?


AdBlue is a liquid mix of urea and deionised water that creates a selective catalytic reaction. The reaction that takes place works to neutralise nitrogen oxide and other harmful substances to reduce your machine’s emissions.

Why remove these systems?

While they are good for the environment, these systems can stop your machines from doing their job. It costs you time and money. If you go ahead and use them anyway, you risk damaging the machines, leading to a costly repair bill.

The problems with DPF

If you miss the DPF regeneration, the soot builds up in the machine. It will cost you thousands of pounds on repairs, not to mention the money you’ll miss out on through machine downtime.

The problems with AdBlue

With AdBlue, if the liquid runs out, your machine won’t run. If you rent your machinery out, you can’t send them to countries that don’t have access to the liquid.

What makes us different?

Our devices come with a 12-month guarantee, something that no one else does. If you encounter any issues, we’ll be more than happy to help.

Our kits are completely reversible. So if you sell on your machine, you can reverse the process and get it back to its original state.

Our service is 100% legal and reputable.

It only takes a 30-minute set up. The process is easy enough for anyone to do and we provide plenty of material that will talk you through how to do it.

Just plug in and go. Extremely minimal effort for big returns in your business operation.

Our processes involve completely removing any DPF and AdBlue systems from the process, meaning you’ll never need to worry about limp mode again.

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